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  • Jarrod Davis
    Topaz Game Library™ is a 2D professional indie game library that allows you to do game development in Embarcadero Delphi for desktop PC's running Microsoft Windows® and uses OpenGL® for hardware accelerated rendering.
    Version 0.2.0
    Other misc. changes, fixes, and enhancements. Clear speech playback buffer on exit of game loop Changed MySQL Host used by the examples to https://freesqldatabase.com. Added TopazGameLib.UI (TTextMenu) and TopazGameLib.AI (TAIState, TAIStateMachine, etc.) source units. Added method PlayMusicAsync to IAudio interface. Added methods SetStyleColor, GetStyleColor and GetContext to IGUI interface. After a call to IInput.SetMousePos, the internal mouse position was not being. updated, so on next call to IInput.GetMouseInfo, did not reflect the new mouse position. Compressed TGL.dll with UPX. IPhysics.GetUserData/SetUserData would overwrite internal structure. IPhysics.GetBodyRotation return negative angles. https://github.com/tinyBigGAMES/topazgamelib/releases/tag/0.2.0

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