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  • Welcome to tinyBigGAMES. We're an independent game development studio, publishing games and game development tools.

  • Jarrod Davis
    Welcome to our updated website for 2022. We've released a few products on GitHub so far this year and are currently working on an enhanced game library for some upcoming products.
     CPas v1.3.stable
    Reworked all examples to support 32/64-bits Update cpLoadLibFromResource to include an instance (THandle) parameter Added a runtime check to make sure CPas and CPas.Static are not used simultaneously FPC can now build static releases also Add CPas.Static unit now for static builds Reformated CHM help format Added cpCompile with project directives support Replaced cpLoadLibFromStream with cpLoadLibFromMemory Refactored codebase and added 32-bit support 😎 Updated cpAddLibrary to support (.LIB) files Updated cpSetVerionInfo to validate FileVersion as SemVer format (major.minor.patch) Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements https://github.com/tinyBigGAMES/CPas
    SFML for Pascal
    Added support for FreePascal Added support for static linking Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements  https://github.com/tinyBigGAMES/SFML

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