Who are we?

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We’re an independent game development studio in sunny South Florida near Miami, dedicated to bringing Family Friendly, fun, easy-to-use, affordable software of the highest quality to our customers. We develop and publish with a distribution model that will focus on smaller, fun & addictive, downloadable shareware for the PC platform and sold directly to you over the Internet via our website and other electronic distribution means. Because of this method of delivering the software, our overhead will remain low, and we can thus pass the savings to our customers.

Our goals?

GoalsWe pursue excellence in delivering quality software and solutions. Combing this with the very best in customer service, allows us to be “masters of our game truly.” Conduct business fairly, honestly, profitably, and cheerfully, while avoiding debt and extravagance; to support an efficient non-bureaucratic organization based upon teamwork, honest and frequent communication, careful and thoughtful decisions; to offer employees meaningful work, fair compensation, and all necessary help for them to do their best work; to develop useful, reliable, and excellent software products; to market our products effectively, professionally, truthfully, and with excitement; and to offer excellent support for our products.

Our Guarantee

  • GuaranteeOur products and services are easy to use.
  • Our products and services are reasonably priced.
  • Our products and services are of the highest quality.
  • Our products are DRM free, and ZERO install. Just Download & Play!
  • Our customer service and support will always be dependable; handling your needs promptly and efficiently. We understand the need for prompt and quality support.
  • You will continue to stay our most essential and valuable resource after the sale.
  • Digital Rights Management

DRM FreeRegarding DRM, when you buy a game from us, it is yours forever. Download it and back it up. We will never require an Internet connection to validate your game. We don’t care how many times you install your game on computers you own. We only ask that you tell your friends to buy their copy.


HelpLet’s face it; the state of customer support across all industries these days is not good. I think most people can give an account of more than one bad experience. We aim to make quality customer support a top priority. Offering exceptional products and services is just part of the process. Backing them up with quality support is key to a successful operation. So rest assured that we will be there for you with assistance when you need it.


Jarrod Davis
Jarrod DavisOwner/Lead Developer
Jarrod Davis founded tinyBigGAMES in late 2018 for making fun and exciting digital entertainment software. Simple, pure, fun arcade, are the type of games He likes to play and wants to make great quality entertainment software that both children and adults can play and enjoy.

Jarrod is the company proprietor and his official company title is technical director. His strengths lie more on the technical side of things, making the engine and tools used to make the games. However, being an indie developer requires us to often time wear many hats. As such, He has to juggles everything required to make it all happen. During the course of the development cycle, we will contract out to talented people the areas we are not able to handle ourselves.