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Jarrod Davis


api_rest.pngIn the past few months, I've also been planning and implementing a strategy for a custom back-end for my company and game projects. For starters, my needs will be fairly simple, just remote basic high score management for a few upcoming games. But I also need it to scale and be able to work with different programming languages. Since making the switch to Godot, being accessible not only via Delphi became a priority. Now the back end is accessible via a simple REST-based API.

I finally took the plunge and got it working for Linux now. My server is running CentOS/Plesk, so this was important to get working. The features in Delphi include Linux server support, you can create REST servers/clients and more. Coding web services in my favorite programming language is a breeze and very satisfying. Down the road as my needs grow, I can scale up to meet the demand.


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