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    Since two years after the uploaded videos to FreeStrike v1.50 Demo within fellow by The Rarest Gamer impressions have very interested being Perseity Entertainment is creating the indie PC windows games. Nearly by the FreeStrike is only first game installment it never being going to continued next direct-of-sequel installment, FreeStrike Sequel was hailed fates in currently development hell leaves their Quest: Fight for Freedom, FreeStrike 2: Evolution, PlanetStrike: Final Conflict. This year we're finally being continued to FreeStrike: Arcade Space Combat video came back, We're decided to continued more legacy of FreeStrike including Xarlor (currently in running videos) will be posted somewhere to played other indie PC windows games getting throwback gaming of the years. Oh man, I've beaten the Normal skill levels sometimes later with Advanced Skill levels soon. If you have the remember these predicted from previous my latest videos, You should go over here with Demo Version, This is where i played previous back in 2017. Anyway, May months has comes to ended is next months to June. Happy Mother Day and god bless with families
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