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    Since two years after the uploaded videos to FreeStrike v1.50 Demo within fellow by The Rarest Gamer impressions have very interested being Perseity Entertainment is creating the indie PC windows games. Nearly by the FreeStrike is only first game installment it never being going to continued next direct-of-sequel installment, FreeStrike Sequel was hailed fates in currently development hell leaves their Quest: Fight for Freedom, FreeStrike 2: Evolution, PlanetStrike: Final Conflict. This year we're finally being continued to FreeStrike: Arcade Space Combat video came back, We're decided to continued more legacy of FreeStrike including Xarlor (currently in running videos) will be posted somewhere to played other indie PC windows games getting throwback gaming of the years. Oh man, I've beaten the Normal skill levels sometimes later with Advanced Skill levels soon. If you have the remember these predicted from previous my latest videos, You should go over here with Demo Version, This is where i played previous back in 2017. Anyway, May months has comes to ended is next months to June. Happy Mother Day and god bless with families
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    Since the two years after being hiatus to break. We're finally resumed to Xarlor Infinite Expanse back to more videos to comes. So here we have some more xarlor comes, Within the demonstration mode about 40 minutes loops. I've now keep played and continued their Xarlor my own are brought back to good memories of beaten the demo and full version.
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    Oh Wow! Haha, I remember working on this game. It was my first "real" 3D game using the GPU. Astro3D was all software and used scaled sprites. I learned a lot about making these games. Gosh, it has been over 20+ years since I made them. Thanks for preserving in video.
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    Haha, nice! As I was typing that, I realized its been almost 20 years since I released the first version. Phew, where does the time go? I sent you a private message. Check when you have a free moment.
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    Wow, Your game is turned almost 20 years old? Oh man, I feel like an nostalgic my childhood is good day to seen JDS Games both are Xarlor nearly same way FreeStrike 20th years. Oh boy, Nicely to hear
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    Yes, AstroCrisis will still happen. I decided to do FreeStrike first because I never got a chance to do a proper follow-up version adding the things I did not have the opportunity to do with the first version. So I figured I would do that because I still have all the art, sound and music for it. Thus, the plan at the moment is to finish and release a proper version of FreeStrike and then AstroCrisis at a later time.
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    Before i posted my long letters and i have explains this years. Today, On the day from 2018. It was the modern-age all around of the new generation being gaming industry and media company. It all known for the popular biggest sizes that they created to huge blockbusters: Avengers: Infinity Wars, Black Panther, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and all others of many films, It all gone before i was hiatus from my gaming channels admitted by my former student goes their second school part-time outdoors with some sort of student friends. They were the popular cultures by organizations Asia several Over stuffed bet being trips when i went go through the events, As soon we’re actually having the setting by the employees were able to growing up of adulthood by teaching any times to make separate together. A grand good times of period with ness spent a lot of the 12 months period. 2018 is the most crazies year part that they have popular cultures media many of movies, music, gaming industry and many animation and i went going through many trips and tight by the semi-actives of channels and different separate. But it may can tell. I’ll been struggle my works. I have a lot of skills to make everything careers for starting owned by the projects as we holding up are aspirations from my skilled by studying , However I was just got pursue from my families and excitement all over it going bet through in skills. They pictured and videos took on the long stories own by families. At the time After the 12 months period past By this time. 2019 is here we have, The post 2010’s decades. I have been grew up from here we have to say. I’m young adulthood from my age is 20-year-old. That’s right i’m Young adulthood right here. And i have got returning back to Gaming channels and return of archives with History of Jarrod Davis Software, From spent long time nearly is 2 years after. So I was decided to rewritten on wikia everything pages. But there is gonna be more pages, more reviews. And there was gonna be more new gaming videos, new contact, new experiments and others. But hey. I’ll let you know when i’m became the personality gaming videos which was becoming my videos is very popular and my other channels is growing about big popular hits videos. Anyway, Here i am course. I’m back. My life as an long time experiment of modern-age during the setting year take place 2019, And hopefully the next decades being 2020’s modern-age. I’m so excited about waiting to see the new generation is coming.
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