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  1. It's been about one year after the film released 'Joker' is the masterpiece thriller film were joker unleashed in the Gotham City and living from behind with creation of Batman Universe, Throughout with the real-life medical disorder with uncontroling laughing in public sites, Since the Joker scene with the Clown riots protests scene were predicted afterward with US Riot took place where events currently this year existed, Our of people enjoyed with Joker movie kept their the live-action villainous went onto the Gotham City means of fiction reality, Otherwise the film-maker launched to DC Blac
  2. There is an different publisher with DemonStar and newest recent version like 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.00 was Classic, I usually running my own played with DemonStar series first place and inspired like FreeStrike game style like Raiden in second place. More gaming videos will upon next few weekends.
  3. I usually played with DemonStar from my childhood and preserved presented their gaming videos current with Astro3D Gamer also collaboration with Mountain King Studios, Inc. therefore with good friends of Scott Host (Creator of DemonStar Series) having the product remaining, It has to be Ionos Version appeared to be Rare Version one, First things with playing a lot of DemonStar game series during the full cycles collaboration will increases views and gained more videos recently comes. Second tasks with Astro3D and FreeStrike possibly played this year their own includes Xarlor 3D until contribut
  4. An bright sun light grown and right sides their fore with the night skies and shadow blown through in the Rome cities.
  5. I created 31 painting and art designer contribution with Mountain King Studios creating with the artistic visual and traditional artist style for titles project such as: DemonStar, Xarlor, Colony, DropTanks, Swarm Rampage, Intensity XS and Juno Nemesis. This artist contribution took about few couples months since i joining with Mountain King Studios who were comes interested my favorite indie computer games with big dreams and starting as an ‘Lead Art Designer’ and ‘System Administrator’ part of MKS Games crew line-up groups including one of the memorable Xarlor with own JDS Games Legacy.
  6. Ongoing quarter years, Possible resumed, Art stories revision, Everything moved along by my projects to take place indoors production design
  7. For all those my artworks and project with Our Internet Wargame recent from 2017 Revision of Project: Our Internet Wargame, I drawn through create Anti-Virus ships, Various enemies ships, Background art are decently and stunning, Almostly nature place were Internet reality inside and others. For largest images seen here, You can actually to see the pretty pictures with 2017 Version of Project: Our Internet Wargame here.
  8. #Colony #SwarmRampage #DropTanks #IntensityXS Art Contribution by James Emirzian Waldementer (@MountainKingStudios)
  9. I’ve continued with JDS Games videos of Astro3D Gamer content, Including Xarlor and FreeStrike took the internet gaming videos with popular hits On YouTube, Jarrod Davis Software Archive will be development and opened websites about takes few couples months, We’re hopefully excited and still existed JDS Games semi-active ongoing and kept legacy lived with Jarrod Davis’s games and unreleased games as well as good memories. Thanks a lot Jarrod Davis.
  10. It’s been about 21 years after its opened of JDS Games and his Former JDS Games crew, During the course of golden-age indie Windows games with brought by Mountain King Studios, Inc. produced with single-game titles ‘Xarlor’ An spin-off game Astro3D from previous game installment, An rogue version of development ongoing with FreeStrike sequel is deeply unfinished and unreleased game sequels went in and out game development spent over 19 years long, The developer behind with Jarrod Davis his interesting my gaming videos took on internet and collaboration. Until it picked up with Quest: Fight for
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